Value of Processor Neutrality

One of the most difficult details for developers to work around is how to partner with a payment gateway without seeming to put their merchant end-users in a situation where they have little or no choice of payment processors.

By integrating Paygistix with your software, you are creating a partnership with Payment Logistics. Although we are a payments processor, we also allow your merchant end-users to use any processor of their choice for their electronic payments.

Our values have shown us that processing a merchant's electronic payments is something that is earned and not dictated. Your merchant end-users may choose to process through us at a discount, or continue with another processor of their choice.

This provides our developer partners the opportunity to develop their software in a cost-effective method and allows for them to market in a manner other than as a "marketing arm" for the gateway's processor.

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Passive Income

Integration of Paygistix provides you the opportunity to earn an additional stream of passive income from your software. Let Payment Logistics show you how.

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Access our Open APIs for in-depth information concerning our Secure Payment Gateway and methods of integrating with it. 

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