The Advantage of Choosing the Right Partner

Being developers ourselves, Payment Logistics understands the demands developers face when it comes to maintaining the functionality of their products to meet changing market demands. For these reasons we concentrate our efforts on reducing the amount of developmental effort that is required to initially integrate Paygistix or to add or subtract payment options.

Our in-house developmental team works to get you up and running quickly while providing you with all of the tools required to create and market a payment functional software that is PA-DSS compliant. Our team is available to assist your merchant end-users in meeting their PCI DSS compliance needs as well.

We focus our efforts on eliminating your risks and that of your merchants. By reducing or removing your software from the scope of PA-DSS, Payment Logistics ensures a cost effective method for you to offer payment processing options to your merchants.  

Why In-House Support is Important

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Have questions that you'd like to ask before you decide to partner with us. Contact a partner consultant to get answers. 

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Eliminate Your Scope of PCI DSS Compliance

Use our Open APIs to integrate payments into your application why removing it from the scope of PCI DSS compliance. 

Open APIs